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Matthew (Owner/Manager)

Founded Pup City in 2023

Nicknames: Matt, Matty G, and Slim

In 3 words: energetic, optimistic, and reliable

Pets: Zoey (Lab Hound mix) and Charlie (Golden Retriever)

Mathew is a dog loving, Chipotle addicted, down-to-earth Michigander. He’s the guy who has a separate car just for his dogs. If you see a tiny blue car with 2 dog heads out the window, then you found the right guy!

Matt was born and raised and still resides in Ypsilanti, MI. He was a typical local kid who went to public school, Youth Group on Wednesdays, and played wiffle ball on the weekends. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Spring Arbor University in 2015. After, he was in the real estate game full time from 2015 to 2020. Home buyer and seller drama pushed Matt out of the real estate world to pursue his dream of opening a doggy daycare! A few years and an empty bank account later and Pup City was born! He’s that chill dude who hangs out with the dog at parties and wants to wear gym shorts to work.

Best random tip of advice: "You can never have too much Chapstick"

Megan (Assistant Manager)

Joined Pup City in 2023

Nicknames: Megs and MD

In 3 words: fun, determined, and hardworking

Pets: Bonnie (German Shepard) and Bear (Black Lab)

Megs is a super chill, IndyCar watching, dog fanatic who has lots of stories to be told. She’s that typical young dog mom who spends all her time and money on her pups . . . sometimes forgetting to save a little for gas expenses!

Megan was born and raised just northwest of Dundee in Britton, MI. She was a classic youngster who enjoyed hanging out with her friends, building forts, or going to the Great Lakes Eatery with her family! She jumped in the doggy daycare game back in 2020 and has loved every second of it. In fact, dogs have influenced her life so much that she started a candle company in honor of them. When not at Pup City, you can catch her with her own pups grabbing some ice cream or checking out the latest Broadway show in Detroit.

Best random tip of advice: "Happiness comes from dogs, not people"

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