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When you leave town, your dog should get a stimulating and fun-filled vacation, too! We want your pets to feel safe, secure, and comfortable while under our care. Pup City provides night lights, white noise, and TV for our guests. However, we totally get that no one likes the feeling of being away from home, so please feel free to bring any special toys, blankets, etc. that will make your pet feel more relaxed while at our facility. While some other facilities may keep your dog confined most of the day, or make you pay extra for limited exercise sessions, Pup City overnight guests receive the same love and activity as our regular doggy daycare crowd. Pets who stay overnight with us receive a free full day of daycare (within 24 hours of check-in). Social and physical stimulation throughout the day can help keep your dog happy and calm while recharging their batteries overnight in our kennels. Please note that meals are not included in our boarding services as we encourage dogs to stick with their routine diet, food, and lifestyle. We understand this can be a small inconvenience. However, creating a space that feels like home to our guests is of the utmost importance! Feel free to contact us if you have any special requests (bedding, medicine administration, etc.) Don’t forget, pet parents have access to our live webcams.

*All dogs MUST pass a "dog friendly" temperament test prior to being boarded (no exceptions).

* Pup City does not offer individual play options for daycare/boarding services (no exceptions).

*All dogs MUST come to daycare for a minimum of 3 days (need not be consecutive) before being boarded.

*An updated 2-day acclimation period (need not be consecutive) is required for dogs that have not been to the facility in the past 4 months.

*Boarding services can be requested online through the customer portal. Please read more important info.

*Payments can be made online through the customer portal or on-site through the front desk. We are a cashless and paperless business.

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Amenities + Features

  • Small HDPE kennels with glass doors (x24)

  • Large HDPE kennels with glass doors (28)

  • Multiple flat screen TV's

  • Acoustic baffles for sound control

  • Slotted kennel tops for additional ventilation

  • Elevated dog beds (free upon request)

  • Live webcam video surveillance

  • Centrally heated/cooled indoor space

Small Suite - $55
(4' x 4')

Large Suite - $65
(4' x 6')

Jumbo Suite - $85
(8' x 6')

Transfer gate setups available upon request!

Click HERE to view our Boarding Pamphlet

Click HERE for suite size comparisons!

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