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Next Steps!

Contemplating if doggy daycare is right for your pup? Kicking off the search for a new place for your dog to play? Considering joining Pup City for the first time? We're sure there are a variety of reasons why you're here and figuring out the appropriate next steps can be challenging. Our hope is that this page can help you quickly and efficiently figure out your next step! Don't feel like scrolling? Feel free to give us a call then as we'll be happy to help fill you in on the details over the phone.

*All dogs MUST pass a "dog friendly" temperament test prior to their first day of daycare (no exceptions).

*All dogs MUST come to daycare for a minimum of 3 days (need not be consecutive) before being boarded.

*Pup City does not offer individual play options for daycare/boarding services (no exceptions).

*Daycare services can be requested online through the customer portal. Please read more important info.

*Payments can be made online through the customer portal or on-site through the front desk. We are a cashless and paperless business.

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