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You’re probably curious to know what makes us different? Well, what you should also know is that during facility construction, we put the bulk of our budget funds toward unique stress-reducing amenities for your furry friends! That includes professionally installed antimicrobial artificial grass, 6’ tall privacy fencing with extensions, 1/4” rolled indoor rubber flooring, custom multi-story play structures, 2 high end full facility HVAC systems, and more. Pup City was truly designed and developed for pups. If it was up to staff, we’d have no lobby or staff kitchen and would give the remaining space to our tail wagging friends! However, most businesses need a lobby, and our staff is very much deserving of their own space (staff kitchen and chill room). In short, we absolutely love dogs, and we believe every dog is deserving of an amazing daycare and boarding experience!


Pup City is locally owned and operated. You'll be dealing with local people, easy-to-reach staff, a convenient business model, and a website with actual facility photos/video. There's no corporate team or fancy add-ons here at Pup City. We love dogs. We love people. Let's keep it simple!


We keep it real and have nothing to hide! No login credentials needed for webcam access. No notice walk-in tours. Check us out.


Dogs need sunshine, fresh air, and space to roam. We give dogs full access all day every day to outdoor play areas!


Don't put dogs on a sleep schedule they're not used to. We keep kennel time low (8-10 hours) and have staff stay late for peace of mind.


Dogs don't want to be in their kennel all day. They need exercise/socialization! Only dogs who pass an evaluation can come to PC.


We want to be the option you choose because you want to . . . not because there's vacancy and/or it's your only available option.


Here at Pup City, we strive to be 100% transparent with all pet parents regarding our day-to-day business operations! That’s why we’ve laid out the facility with multiple one-way viewing windows (from the lobby) that give a panoramic view into the heart of our facility. If that’s not enough, then we very much welcome walk-in tours that can be scheduled over the phone through the front desk. While touring the facility, pet parents will be shown the kennel setup, grooming room, staff kitchen, and more. If need be, we’re even happy to show you our messiest closet and junk drawer! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions.

BARKS Values

Be transparent with clients and fellow employees.

Always treat pets as family members and friends.

Remove drama from the workplace.

Keep the workplace fun and stress-free.

Safety and sanitary practices are of the utmost importance.

Dog Lover


To provide pets and their families with exceptional pet care, outstanding client service, and overall business transparency. Client satisfaction is achieved through safe and sanitary business practices, unique stress-reducing amenities (that promote exercise and socialization), and continual maintenance of our facilities. Our experienced and dedicated staff will ensure a safe, clean, fun, and memorable environment for your pets.


To be the safest, cleanest, and most transparent choice for pet parents in/around Washtenaw County. We will achieve this through the employment of experienced/dedicated staff, sanitary business practices, and positive community involvement.

Dog Owner
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