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HSHV Community
Drop-off Hub

The Humane Society of Huron Valley has been serving the Ann Arbor and surrounding communities for over 125 years. Though considered local, their communal impact stretches far beyond that when it comes to animal adoption, wildlife rescue, cruelty investigation, and affordable veterinary care! We want to do everything we can here at Pup City to support our local Humane Society which is why we've linked up with them to offer the 1st HSHV Community Drop-off Hub for local shelter donations. There are loads and loads of animal lovers in the area and most would love to donate. However, the thought of being inconvenienced with additional driving time and potential traffic challenges can sometimes outweigh the thought of giving. Enter the HSHV Community Drop-off Hub! The primary goal is to increase donations to the local Humane Society. We'll do that by acting as a permanent, secondary, and more convenient donation drop-off location in a heavy traffic and desirable business district. Got donations? Stop by Pup City during open business hours, drop the goods in the bins in the lobby, and we'll coordinate the pick-up with HSHV. Easy peasy simplified giving!

*Donation drop-off hours are during standard Pup City operating hours.

*Please note that there is no business relationship between Pup City and the Humane Society of Huron Valley.

*Pup City is acting as a volunteer Community Drop-Off location.

Donation Boxes

Acceptable Items 😊

  • Gently used or new bath towels (please no hand towels)

  • Small blankets and pet beds that can be laundered ina normal washing machine

  • Unopened/opened pet food in the original bag/can up to 3 months after the expiration date

  • Canned dog and cat food

  • Scoopable cat litter

  • Dog and cat toys

  • Waterless pet shampoo

  • Liquid Vick's solution (for steam vaporizers)

  • Yards of fleece for animal projects

  • Ziploc bags (both gallon and quart sizes)

  • Gift cards from places like Amazon, pet supply stores, and office supply stores

Unacceptable Items 😕

  • No controlled substances or medications (except unexpired flea/heartworm preventative)

  • No large comforters and/or pet beds that cannot be laundered in a normal washing machine

  • No pillows or fitted sheets

  • No unclumping litter

  • No prescription dog or cat food

  • No cedar or pine bedding

  • No hand towels

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